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It’s hard to believe my husband and I have been married for two years.  So much has happened since June 9th, 2007 it’s difficult to know where to start.  Time has gone by so fast that it seems like longer, and in ways I feel like a completely different person.

Two years ago last night, I was having what we now call my bridal freak out.  After screaming at my loved ones and loudly venting the frustrations that had built up during wedding planning, I called my husband-to-be.  He could barely understand anything I said over the phone, because I was speaking in high-pitched squeaks interspersed with deep breaths.  Part of him was worried that I wouldn’t show up the next day.  I’m sure he got a great night’s sleep!  I, on the other hand, was given my own bed in the hotel room I shared with my mom and sister in an attempt to get more sleep than the two hours I had gotten the night before.  Plus, I think they were both terrified of me after the yelling rant.  In fact, I think the whole hotel was terrified.

The next morning, I had only a few requests.  One was for my brother to go get us jamba juice and einstein’s bagles for breakfast.  Next, I needed a nice long shower followed by extensive “getting ready” time so that I wouldn’t be stressed out or rushed.  I had planned to do my own makeup and hair.  Being a makeup artist, I was anal enough to not want anyone else doing it, and I found it to be very calming.  Eventually I and the other girls were ready to go to the nuptial destination to take photos before the ceremony.  My only real regret on the bridal side of things was that I should really have gotten more comfortable shoes, since I ended up wearing flip flops for most of the evening, and that I should have lost ten pounds so that my dress wasn’t so stifling.

The wedding ceremony and reception were absolutely beautiful, and I am forever grateful to those who helped it be the success it was.  It truly was a surreal experience that I wish could have lasted days instead of hours. 

During the two years that followed, I have gone through several life changes.  I suffered unbearable insomnia that threatened my husband’s normally sound sleep.  I went through a difficult period of adjustment and post-nuptial depression.  I, we, paid off several thousands of dollars in debt.  I reformed my spending habits.  I became incredibly lazy.  After giving it quite a go in the Bay Area, I gave up pursuing a career in film.  I gained weight, I lost weight.  I got braces.  We got a puppy.  I have begun to enjoy the simple things in life.

I’m incredibly proud of my personal growth over the past two years and our growth as a couple.  While it hasn’t always been easy, it has been incredibly rewarding and I wouldn’t trade it for any other experience.

Happy anniversary Sweetbean!